“Origami Makes His Paper”: Interview + 5 instrumentals from Hip Hop Producer Origami

I discovered Origami around the same time I discovered The Amethyst Rxckstars (https://goo.gl/1418hL) and Origami aka SpartanBeats in my opinion he has been putting out consistent fire for AWHILE now.

In two years on YouTube he has racked up;

  • 306 videos / 4,599,819 views
  • 29, 583 subscribers

I recently got in touch with him to do an interview and below you will find many gems in his answers to my questions.

How old are you? Where are you from?

My name is phil aka origami and im a 22 year old producer from germany. My dad is from africa and my mum is german i lived in germany my whole life except for two years where i went to australia .

How long have you been producing? Produced since I was 16/17 so around 5 to 6 years and have been on fl studio ever since.

Hardware or Software? Software… My Favourite software would be fl studio itself cause you can do so much with it. But lets talk about some vsts and secrets that i love to use . So my favourite synthesizer vst is serum because of its incredibly powerfull engine. i also love how visual and easy to use it is , i love using it to design sounds , sometimes i do the same with massive.

Id say my favourite sampler / synthesizer is omnisphere. its almost on all of my beats and i enjoy it alot .Some very very interesting and exciting ones are exhale and analog strings from output they are dope as F@$k. my favourite hardware is my microkorg s thats a synthesizer and midi controller, my audio technicha m40thx headphones ( i love how flat they sound )  and my razor blade stealth laptop which enables me to produce wherever i go.

Whats the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?

I guess the dopest thing that happened to me or that i created for myself is living off music, i used to work alot of regular jobs. like i worked as a waiter , in a supermarket and picking tomatos on a farm ( that one was actually quiet fun and challenging ) but i pretty much hated it. I love that im now able to work fulltime on music and make more money than in those jobs . it also feels fu#ing great to be working on my passion and towards my goal of becoming a big time music producer that makes hits.

Vice of choice?

i guess my biggest vice ( weakness ) is that i get addicted to stuff really quickly no matter what it is . when i was 17 i stopped drinking and everything else cause i realized i had to addict myself to good stuff , like working , training in the gym , healthy eating and stuff like that . I still struggle with maintaining my sleeping rythm and being kinda addicted to social media or gaming but i focus on my strenghts 🙂

What other projects besides producing do you have?
So im super passionate about building a community aside from building a catalogue of beats. i think a community is what makes or breaks an artist , i love engaging with my fans and try to be humble as F@ck since i think its a blessing that people are even interested in what i do . A new project that i started today is my discord , discord is a free app and basically the baby of teamspeak and skype where u have a big chatroom where your whole community fits in its fire .

Our discord is basically filled with dope producers and rappers and everyone shares their songs, collabs , gives feedback etc.if your a producer or rapper or really love anime you can follow the link here it will take you to my discord  : https://discord.gg/4x4KwWC

Who are your influences?
As producers id say : J dilla, sevn thomas , illmind , sam gellaitry , monte booker , the betty ford boys, Metro, umru , naji , illmind and alot lot more the list is literally endless

Want to give any shoutouts?

yo shoutouts to kota the friend for putting me on his new album aswell as d vision for the motivation and my homeboy cam in australia who let me stay at his parents crib for 3 month so i could make beats.

What is something most people would not expect about you?

Well usually people kinda freak out when they realize im german is i apparently dont sound german when i talk in my youtube videos. Aside from that im almost blind on my right eye , i used to be crazy into kung fu and even went to china when i was 14 and they would be suprised by my taste of music as i really dont let a genre limit me

What do your beats normally cost?

so i sell most of my beats as non exclusive licenses and they go for

  • 35 for mp3
  • 45 for wav
  • 90 for trackouts
  • 190 unlimited
  • 1k-2k exclusive
  • 800- 1.5k custom exclusive ( is cheaper cause i get more attached to the beats that i already made as i love making videos to my beats.

Favorite artists you have produced for? really like the track with kota the friend the way thats one of my favs

How many beats have you sold? oh g-d i have no idea quiet a couple actually. i started this year to really sell so not sure about the number


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