The growing trend of beards in Hip Hop: Intro to Tommy B. Glover Jr.

For the last several years beards in hip hop have become a more and more popular trend. Yet why isn’t there a beard oil company that is geared towards the urban community? Well that is where Tommy B. Glover Jr, comes in.

He is the nine year old son of Essence Best selling Author T. Glover and Founder of LaMonique Cosmetics, Monique Glover. He has followed in his parents footsteps of entrepreneurship and started his own Beard Oil Company. Tommy has watched a growing trend of beards in hip hop. Not old enough to grow a beard himself he wondered how does one take care of a beard. He found several beard oil companies but realized none of them were marketed towards the urban community. He felt as if that needed to change and with the help of his mother, Tommy was able to get a hair care manufacturing company to supply him with a product. They believed in this young man so much that they even supplied him with two other products to add to his Just’in Time Grooming Products for Men which he named after his oldest brother Justin who does actually have a beard.

Since then Tommy has started selling his product to barber shops throughout New York primarily Brooklyn and The Bronx. Tommy and his product are well embraced by barbers and their customers. There was such a high demand for his product, in fact he sold 1,000 bottles in one month, that the decision was made to sell it on Amazon starting this October 2017 under his mother’s LaMonique Cosmetics Company.

Tommy and his mother look forward to the upcoming Amazon launch and would also like to sell the product at a major chain retailer. Tommy’s favorite rapper is Drake and he would love to gift him with a bottle and possibly receive a photo in return. And to all you rappers out there, yes they are open to the idea of sponsoring, but you better have a dope beard and an audience.


Keep an eye out for Just’in Time Grooming Products and Tommy B. Glover Jr.

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