Interview with Bearded Legend

How did you come up with your rap name?

Originally it was made as a joke with my friends. But it developed more of a meaning to me as time went on. A lot of people think my name just means that I’m a legend with a beard, but I use BEARDED LEGEND as a generic term for a God, as many cultures throughout history have told legends of Gods being bearded men in the sky. Yet, if a God were to exist, no one would know what it looks like. So all it really ends up being is a bearded legend. Anyone or anything can be a bearded legend, we wouldn’t know. (This is the definition I usually give when people ask me in person/interviews. It might be confusing so my bad haha)

 How old are you?

 Just turned 27 this spring.

Where are you from and how does that influence your music?

I’m from New York. Long Island specifically but my family is from NYC and I spent a lot of time around there growing up. I’ve been around people from all backgrounds, beliefs, etc my whole life. Music wise, of course I had listened to legendary East Coast artists like Biggie, Wu Tang and the Fugees, so I was definitely influenced from stuff like that. But my main influence in music is the range of emotions humans go through. While I listened to rap and hip hop growing up, I mainly listened to a lot of rock music. My favorite band of all time is Nirvana, and despite the East/West beef, my favorite rapper is 2Pac. But yeah I’ve been influenced by many artists and mainly by life in general. I also make some references to my Italian-American heritage in my music.

Who exactly is bearded legend?

I’m still figuring that out, to be honest. I’m just a random person learning as much as I can throughout this life we have on earth and trying to be a good human. Always learning new shit about myself and the world around me. There’s always more to discover.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music my whole life. I’ve done some solo acoustic stuff, I’ve been in a couple of small rock bands, a deathcore band, a little reggae project…I just love music. I started rapping in 2010 just for fun but pretty much quit in 2011. After going through some personal stuff for a few years, I started again in 2015 and decided I was going to make a career out of it.

How much do you charge for a feature?

At the moment I charge only $50 for a verse, but I’m willing to try and work with people’s budgets. And the price will go up as I continue to gain popularity, as one would expect.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?

Honestly it was opening for Lil Uzi Vert just last week (August 15th). I’m in a duo called BLDG with my homie Doug G and we were chosen to open for him in front of a sold out crowd of over 1,000 people and it was incredible. Felt like a dream. Still does even now. I was already confident in my chances of making it in this business but that really added to it. The people loved us.

What did you do today?

I’m kinda sick so I just relaxed around the house. I’m a homebody anyway so I like staying in when possible. And I write/record all of my music at my house so it’s cool.

Who are your biggest influences?

Like I said before, my favorite band is Nirvana and my favorite rapper is 2Pac. But I love music from all genres. So if anything the music is make is a mixture of just everything I like. Whatever type of music I feel like making, I make. I don’t like to put myself in any specific genre. If people ask what type of music I make I just call it “alternative rap” or “alternative” if anything.

Want to give any shoutouts?

Shoutout to everyone who supports me and believes in what I do. The real support I receive from my real fans and friends means more than I could explain and I am extremely appreciative of it. It keeps me going. Much love and appreciation to my parents, my sister, and other supportive family members. Shoutout to my bro Doug G, my GRXM MAFIA brothers, and my LOST SOUL fam as well. Also, just a general shoutout to anyone out there working to better themselves and become better people. I believe in y’all. Shoutout to you as well for hitting me up for an interview.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?

People are usually surprised to hear that I’m sober. I don’t drink, smoke weed/cigs, do drugs…none of that. I used to mess around with all of it as a teenager but had quit everything by the time I was like 21. I like to workout, eat good, drink water and find positive ways to deal with my depression and anxiety.

Any new music coming out?

I just released a new project last Friday (August 18th) called LIGHTHOUSES. It has 8 songs on it. I try to drop new music often to keep myself occupied and keep people interested. I have a project in the works with my group BLDG, as well as some collabs lined up. So it’s a good idea to just follow me on social media to know when new shit drops because I usually just release stuff whenever I feel like it (haha).






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