6 Rappers to know before 2018 (updated)

CuratedFlame Presents:

6 Rappers that you should know before 2018

These aren’t the up next they are the next up next. The following artists you will be finding out about in this article, are probably not going to be Chance The Rapper, Migos type big in 2018, however trust me when I say that by 2018 they will be well on their way to becoming “household names.”

Some of these rappers have already begun to appear on the the bigger websites and blogs and some haven’t. Get to know them now so you can be the one in your crew who knew them first.

Nothing feels better then when someone tries to tell you about a new rapper that hasn’t become a big name yet and you get to be like “bruhhh, I known about them since last year. Before they even had a tape out” or something to that effect. Anyways  get to know these 6 rap stars in the making before the metaphorical wave hits.

1.  Lil Toenail aka Lil Toe

From: West Palm Beach, Fl

Age: Who tf knows.  My guess is somewhere between 17 – 23?

For people who like: DMX, XXXTENTACION, Metal, Riff Raff, $uicideboys


Lil Toenail, aka Lil Toe, aka the rap games left foot. Yes, the dudes in a foot outfit and yes he has a ski mask on. But this West Palm Beach, Florida rapper is this generations DMX and Humpty Hump (secret personality only) rolled all into one. Toe is for the angry, for the depressed, for the people who can bump King 810 (I fux with 810) and Chance the Rapper in the same playlist.

When I listen to this guys music, it makes me understand Metal it makes me understand XXXTENTACION and $UICIDEBOYS. Not saying I don’t like Metal, XXX, or $uicideboys. It’s just that’s never really been my steez. Hey, I’ve been to metal shows (like I said I like King 810), and a show for $uicideboys as well. Its just again, not my steez HOWEVER Lil Toe brings that out in me. Its like he accesses one of my other alter egos/personalities, the man says stuff I feel like I have been trying to say for awhile (hope that doesn’t reveal to much about me lol). I personally believe theres a little toe in all of us:)

2. Artist: Lil Xan

From: Los Angeles

Age: 20

For people who like: Mac Miller, Blackbear

Image result for lil xan age

Another pseudo mystery, not much is known about him and he also is one of the two artists on this list that I debated putting on here because they are already on the verge of being big af. Lil Xan, regularly gets video views in the hundreds of thousands. Has a brand/movement called Xanarchy. My personal favorite track is the one I included below called betrayed. I love that his name is Lil Xan but in the chorus he talks about how Xans are bad for you lol.

3 and 4 (tied):

Bali aka Bali Baby aka Bali on the beat

Location: ATL

Age: 20

For people who like: 90’s cartoon shows, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Bali Baby, Lil Yachty, Speaker Knockerz

bali2222.PNG – Bali

Rico Nasty aka Taco Bella

Location: DMV (Washington D.C. area)

Age: 20 (so many of these artists are 20 lol)

For people who like:  90’s cartoon shows, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Bali Baby, Lil Yachty, Speaker Knockerz

rico-nasty.png – Rico Nasty

Bali Baby  and Rico Nasty are like a lot of the rappers I tend to fux with. Polarizing. You either really like them or you absolutely dont. Bali Baby and Rico Nasty seem to be the leaders of female bubblegum trap rap movement. The music is heavy on samples of 90s cartoon shows and truth be told the beats and lyrics can be infectious. Very poppy, not going to lie but its street pop.

I am curious to see how the mainstream is going to handle both of them. Currently both artists have bubbles growing at increasing rates.

Each video that Bali Baby or Rico Nasty puts out seems to get more views than the last one. It seems like only a matter of time before they break out of soundcloud and youtube notoriety and you start to hear them on the radio.

But I truly wonder can the mainstream handle both? Because I dont really see a competitor to Lil Yachtys sound on mainstream radio now nor for a lot of other artists. I feel like its going to be one or the other with these two artists but hopefully they both can sustain long lasting careers.

5. Hooligan Chase

Location: Cary, North Carolina

Age: 18 to 19

For people who like: Lil Pump, ILoveMakonnen, Riff Raff, Yung Gravy, Lil Toenail. But let me be clear that is not the artists he is influenced by, he is actually a big fan and influenced by artists real hip hop heads will notice such as M.O.P. and Pharcyde amongst other musicians.


To describe his work. I would say Hooligan makes interesting, caustic, creative, art trap, RAP… If John Mulaney went under the wing of Lil Yachty and Riff Raff, I imagine Hooligan’s music would be what was made. Oh and he produces a majority of the beats he raps on! Though he won’t admit to having any production influences, which I simply can’t believe. His beats are so f*cking crisp and artistic, yet no influences? aight homie *eyeroll.

Full Disclousure: The above description is the one I had in my first post about Hooligan Chase which was an interview that you can read here

6. Mikey Mike

Location: Everywhere

Age: 29 to 33

For people who like: Yelawolf, Jelly Roll, Atmosphere, Macklemore, Why?


Mysterious character who is both a producer and a rapper. Not much is known about him and he currently only has three tracks released. However he is about to go on a 46 date tour with Yelawolf, his song Doin Me is a classic you will play for years to come, and he has the ability to cross genres which will only increase his exposure.

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UPDATES: Most of these artists have begun to get their music and their stories talked about on some of the bigger blogs and websites, such as the fader, vice, and elevator. Much like I predicted.

Hooligan Chase is an artist I had written about many times but somehow had foolishly forgotten to include in this list. So I added him to the list.

1 other Artist you should also keep an eye out for but didn’t make this list; Ketchy The Great.

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