She got the juice…Music Video + Interview with Trapicana

  1. Where are you from? Huntsville,Al
  2. How old are you? 19
  3. Who is Trapicana? 19 year old female rapper, funny, bubbly personality. Love to laugh
  4. How did you come up with that awesome rap name? Actually everybody always says I have the juice which in my town means very popular so I actually was joking with a friend n it came up one day.
  5. How long you been rapping? Since I was little
  6. Who are your influences? Musically I really feel like I ride my own wave but Lito (starlito) & Trip (don trip) have a great style and I like the fact that they are both independent.
  7. How much you charge for a feature? I haven’t started charging yet
  8. Whats the dopest thing to happen since releasing music?The dopest thing has yet to come
  9. What you do today? Run a couple errands
  10. Whats in ya pockets? My trap phone
  11. Want to give any shoutouts? Lol na
  12. When you releasing new music? EP will be out next month, September

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