Links to the top 10 most read interviews on this blog:

If you are new to this site and you don’t know what we do here, looks through all the smoke (the tens of thousands of rappers, producers, bands, models, etc) and we highlight only the best, the weirdest, or the most entertaining.

One thing that you will find a lot of on this website, is interviews with rappers, producers, models, and more. I like to find out more about them and I know that there are others out there who want to learn more about these artists as well.

This morning while I was analyzing the website to see how I could make it better, I saw that there are 10 particular interviews that have been read the most over the last year. Some are older by a couple months so its harder to find them unless you have seen the specific link in a YouTube comment or Twitter post. So below you will find the links to the top 10 most read interviews on this blog, enjoy:)

1.Amethyst Rxckstars – Hip Hop Production Group – Make insanely fye beats


Part 1:

Part 2:

2. Hooligan Chase – Rapper from North Carolina – will be a big name in 2018, trust me!


3. Icy Narco – Rapper from Miami, Florida – Associated with Lil Toenail, Trippie Redd


4. Sharpey – Rapper from the UK – Interesting character to say the least.


5. Onji – Rapper from LA – ILoveMakonnen fans will def vibe with


6. IAtIALoVE – Videographer and Rapper from Philly – Not your typical rapper.


7. Droptop Golf Cart – Rapper from Michigan Rapper (Detroit Suburbs) – That name alone!


8. Krystle Maria – AKA Krystle Meth – The Dentist Rapper

krystle meth

9. Crunchy Kyle – Deltona, Florida – Lil Toenail associate


10. Tank Chamberlain – Port St Lucie, Fl Rapper – ( been bumping his tracks heavy)


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