Who is Icy Narco? An interview.

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No he is not a Lil Pump clone… Icy Narco has bars for days…

I found Icy Narco in August of last year because he had uploaded a track to soundcloud that was a remix to 21 savage’s bank account. I fxcking dug his remix so hard and he had under 500 followers and really only this one track on Soundcloud available.

I ripped it off of soundcloud, after the second time it was uploaded, because for some reason it had been deleted for a couple weeks as it started to get more views. Amazingly it had not been uploaded to YouTube, so I took the liberty to do so, and it has continued to rack up views ever since.

There wasn’t much anywhere I could find about Icy at the time so I hit him up after a little sleuthing and I was able to do an interview with him over the phone and then by text. You can read the correspondence below;

Where are you from?

I’m from Miami, Florida.

How old are you?


For anyone who doesn’t know or is new to you, who is Icy Narco? 

Hmm.. Well Icy Narco is a young human with an old soul very wise.. I faced a lot of obstacles growing up.. I want my music and my persona to help people grow and see the positive in every situation life throws.

How long have you been rapping?

Ive been freestyling for 4 years so my flow and energy comes natural with no practice. But I just started taking music seriously.

Who are your influences musically and non?

I’m inspired by linkin park… I like the feeling you feel of just hearing the music, also inspired by uzi and nav.

I’m influenced by a lot of different gengres of music from rock to country to the new wave hip hop I’ve taken from all genres to make my sound and icy wave of music… the music I have out doesn’t show my new sound but I have a lot of music comin soon.

So when are you going to be releasing more music?

Soon. Real soon. I got 20 tracks in the vault right now… planning a trip to Alaska.

How much do you charge for a feature? 

Features  are $150 with full promotion. Prices going up when new music with big features drop.

Want to give any shoutouts?

Shouts out to brother dcasi @OGCasnaova and my squad #ATEAM @iamshiftysteve @iamjoeyperez

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? 

I’ve been super in shock with all the support from people that I don’t even know that want to see me win.! My fans are the best and keep me motivated!

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pre rolled cones

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