Who Got Bars Competition? Win $25 for rapping on one of these beats!

The Amethyst Rxckstars have been putting out heat recently and I decided to run a competition to see if I can find anyone who can turn their instrumentals into some dope songs.

If you are a rapper you can choose from one of the following beats;



  • You can only pick one of the beats.
  • It can be 16 bars up to a whole song, your choice.
  • After you have recorded, send the mp3 over to my email abrabinent@gmail.com
  • We will then upload it to the curatedflame soundcloud and promote it on all of our social medias. You should do this as well.
  • On September 1st, we will see which artist has the highest plays and likes for each beat. Those two artists will then be sent $25 on paypal, venmo, amazon, or anyway they prefer.  Also the artist will get a lot of free publicity on the site and social media accounts.
  • What are you waiting for? start working! I cant wait to hear what you got!!


curatedflame (1).PNG


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