Interview with Philly rapper IAtIALoVE

I recently linked up with a artist I had heard about through Krystle Maria. He goes by the name IAtIALoVE, he’s a videographer/editor who can also rap circles around you. He’s definitely an interesting character so I thought I do a little interview with him, see what gems of knowledge he had in his head. The following you will read is what unfolded when two creatives got together for a chat; 

Dawg, you seriously a vegan? Whats ya fav dish?

Yeah. Word. 1st off, shout out to my Elite Klass brothers. We’re all vegan, amongst other things. Imagine being us, though. Picture being a group a vegan guys smack dab in the middle of the hood. The projects even. Man, we went through hell, but we kept pushing, and now those same people are asking us for health and food advice as they further their journey and it’s beatiful. Uhhh, My fav dish is anything with avocado, right now.

Are you originally from Philly?

Word. North Philly. Germantown….I’m all over and accepted everywhere from the block to the burbs.

How has philly influenced you?

Philly culture is so rich. Musically, and otherwise. I think we are the 1st East Coast city to take the independent route and really hustle to the top. I mean, look at Kevin Hart. That hustle he has is the Philly spirit.

How long have you been rapping?


Who are your musical and non musical influences?

Jay Z. Dj Khaled. Gary Vee. Troy Ave. These are the people who I put on and think of for motivation, and inspiration, as I see necessary.

Whats the coolest thing to have happened to you since you started rapping?

Wow. Ok. I had some of Philly’s elite, who I got style and inspiration from hang out with me, tell me I’m nice with the bars, and give me shout outs and things of that nature. The love from my peers and the OG’s is always as satisfying as being a billionaire, to me. Love to those guys.

How much do you charge for a feature?

Depends. Do I know you? What do you want? Am I coming up with the concept, hook, bridge? You know? What I can tell you is I’m definitely charging more to shoot and edit your video than I am for 16 bars, at this point.

How do you pronounce your rap name and how did you come up with it?

The Creator gave it to me, and if you can’t pronounce the name just call me Holy!

Who has been your favorite artist(s) to work with?

L Prezzy, D Jones, Relly Rostein. All my brother’s. It’s nothing forced, fake, phony. Just real love and genuine vibes.

Worst job you ever had?

Aww man. I haven’t had a job in years but I didn’t really have any bad experiences. Time is what you make it. When I was at a 9-5, I wasn’t a slave to the place, nor did I let it take my time. I’m figuring out how it operates so I can get one, one day. I’m talking to the bosses to get insight. I’m putting the pieces together. To anyone at a sucky job, pause, I’ll just tell you like I tell my homies locked down. Use the time! Play your cards right, you’ll own where you work at now.

So I heard you got a freestyle series, #nolove, can you tell me what that’s all about?

#NOLOVE is really my introduction to say I’m here. It’s like phaze 0 in my plan but necessary nontheless. My buzz is building every week, and the plan moves from there.

What is “One Nation” ?

A collective of mind’s who will change the world. Flat out.

When are you gonna give the fans more product?

When I feel it’s time. I’m in no rush. I innerstand momentum. You start with a snowball, and later on down the hill you knock the whole city down with the biggest boulder anyone has ever seen. Feel me?


I feels you. But whats in ya pockets right now!?:)

Vegan condoms. A pen. Some paper. Money, of course. All my cards. My business debit for all my streaming and merch money. My Whole Foods reward card. Car keys, and earbuds.

Any shoutouts you want to give?

Shout out to The One Nation. Elite Klass. Every hood and county I touched that touched me, and embrace me. My lil sister who just finished her 1st year in college. My other sister who just had my niece. My Mom, and everybody over at my film company, Kreeativ Kultcha. We got 2 new shows dropping on my network ASAP, and last but 1st, The Grand Creator for all the blessings and love.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Film, honestly. One Nation will be in full swing and I may not be in hollywood, but I’ll be hollywood adjacent with my film company, Kreeativ Kultcha. Even my albums may just serve as script for film.

What is your vice of choice?




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