NykoBandz “L.A.M.E.Z” (Official Music Video)

NykoBandz aka Lil Swim, is an artist out of New Orleans that KILO Brands put me onto late last night. When I first watched this video it became quickly apparent that Nyko has a flow that is easy to get into and the beat for this song is beyond catchy and NykoBandz matches it with a catchy flow and with good lyrics to boot.

Notable lyrics:

“I used to trap out a honda,

Servin that waka,

Servin that lean to a flogga,

it got me feeling like waka,

She on that vodka,

she gon wanna fuck in an hour”

Beyond NykoBandz talent, the music video highly impressed me as well with its array of after effects and animation incorporated throughout the video, shouts out to the director @realroncee.

I highly suggest you check out this artist and more of his stuff because he is around to stay.

Artist Links:

Acknowledgement to Video Director- Ron¢ee

Acknowledgement for Music Promotions – KILO Brands


Curated Flame links:


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