How to get your music seen on 101 Hip Hop Music Blogs!

I run this dope music blog your on right now and it focuses on hip hop and rap music. In doing so, I highlight producers and rappers that I think are dope. I do this for free, because I want to share the music that my friends thank me for showing them.

However, I do have to make money.I sell promo packages that includes your content featured on this site’s front page and more. I also recently I did a deal with Trillest Entertainment which has agreements with and 99 more hip hop websites that are recognized nationally and around the globe. So if you want to go extra on promoting your content, I can get you front page features on 100 more websites.


Why should you work with us? Because we are committed to your success. Better promo means more fans for you which means more money. If you are successful you will come back again which means more orders for us. We are in the business of your success!

How does this work: If your interested in having a feature article on Curated Flame for $5 and / or getting a promo package for more websites then check out the Fiverr links below or contact us at

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