ART IS DEAD, BUY MY SHIT! (Buttress Music Video)

Ya boy stay creating coining new rap genre’s but the world keeps giving me new ones to coin so… I got a new one for you, the above video and track is what I call “Mosh Pit At The Art Gallery, Noise – Rap”

Buttress created a track that sounds like the recipe was:

  • One parts #XXXTENTACION
  • One Parts #TylerTheCreator
  • One parts a broken copy machine
  • and two parts Warhol.

Who put me onto this? This girl I have been pining over recently whose the definition of woke. Sent me this as a snapchat link, she actually assumed I already knew about it. Welp, I did not.

I love that Buttress uses lyrics that reference Harmony Korine, discovering little lyrics like that reminds me sometimes why I love rap.

“ART IS DEAD, BUY MY SHIT” new mantra:)

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