The 2 best YouTube Channel’s for Hip Hop that aren’t WSHH

1. Elevator – The YouTube channel for the magazine, Elevator Mag. They focus on providing their viewers with the newest music, news and videos from both the underground hip hop and indie music scene.

Interesting note: Unlike most of the YouTube channels out there, they claim to not be a promo channel and therefore do not accept payment for the videos and songs they upload to their channel. To get on their channel you have to submit content to and then wait and see if the curators like it enough to upload it.

Personal note and review: Elevator is by far one of if not the best YouTube channels for underground/indie hip hop that I’ve found. It is also one of the channels that many of the newer artists coming up, start having their videos and songs on, before they blow up. This is the channel me and one of my best friends discovered the Lucki Eck$ Count on Me series two years ago when we were in college.

I also discovered Rarri and countless others on this page.

What are you going to find here? You are going to find a combination of Alternative Rap, Acid Rap, Trap Rap, Rock influenced Rap, and in general the newer school of rap. The videos are always stylish and interesting even if the artist isn’t. The curators for the channel are great at keeping their theme/style.


2. Astari –  This YouTube Channel is for the listeners looking for more experimental underground/indie rap ish. Its like the first channel mentioned, ELEVATOR, but way more emo.

If lil peep, yung lean, IloveMakonnen, $uicideboy$, XXXTENTACION, etc are your thing. Check out this page.





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