4 YouTube Channels like WorldStarHipHop & NoJumper (updated)

This was originally posted a 363 days ago (I am updating this on 5/11/2018) and the list only had 2 channels listed and it was a short article. Today I saw that over 1,001 people have read this article since I posted it. Meaning that there are obviously a bunch of people out there looking for new YouTube channels for HipHop. Because even though WorldStar and NoJumper are great websites and YouTube channels there can be times when you’ve run out of stuff to watch on there.

So if you run out of videos to watch on WorldStar and NoJumper? Here’s 4 channels that’ll help you out when you find yourself in that situation.



This is the biggest channel on this list with over 1 million subscribers but I still find that it isn’t THAT known which is why I am including it. Also when this article was first published a year ago, Elevator didn’t have as many subscribers as it does now.

The YouTube channel for the magazine, Elevator Mag. They focus on providing their viewers with the newest music, news and videos from both the underground hip hop and indie music scene.

I have found artists like Rarri, Lucki, Lil Mosey, and countless others on here.

Unlike most of the YouTube channels out there, they claim to not be a promo channel and therefore do not accept payment for the videos and songs they upload to their channel. To get on their channel you have to submit content to http://elevatormag.com/submissions and then wait and see if the curators like it enough to upload it.

What are you going to find here? You are going to find a combination of Alternative Rap, Acid Rap, Trap Rap, Rock influenced Rap, and in general the newer school of rap. The videos are always stylish and interesting even if the artist isn’t. The curators for the channel are great at keeping their theme/style.


Is another YouTube channel run by a videographer who works with the artists whose videos appear on the channel. But don’t worry your not going to get a bunch of lame local rappers. If street rap is your thing you are sure to find a bunch of artists on this channel that with satiate your hunger.

I just found this video and a new rapper I am going to be listening to more of because of this channel;


This YouTube Channel is for the listeners looking for more experimental underground/indie rap ish. Its like the first channel mentioned, ELEVATOR, but way more emo and experimental. If lil peep, yung lean, IloveMakonnen, $uicideboy$, XXXTENTACION, etc are your thing. Check out this page.

This is where your going to find video premiers from artists like 6 Dogs.

Savani Productions

Savani Productions is a YouTube channel that is severely underrated having only 24K+ followers. But then again it is pretty new to the YouTube scene only joining in March of 2016 so they are a little pass the 2 year mark. In that time the videos on the page have racked up 10.89 million videos (as of 5/11/2018).

From what I gather the reason why they aren’t as known as WSHH or some of the other alternatives is because while it is a hip hop music video channel it is a channel that is for the videographer Savani Productions. So only music videos he shoots goes up on there and believe me when I say his channel shouldn’t be slept on.

It’s the channel that helped me discover Bali Baby with her Banana Clip video being the most viewed video on the channel with 2.1 Million+ views.

On the channel you can find music videos they have shot for Molly Brazy, Cuban Doll, Deezy Mcduffie, and a whole slew of other artists. This is a channel filled with high quality music videos shot for a bunch of unknowns but also it is a channel that is where you can expect to find more then a few artist before they break out. Like this one artist I just found yesterday on the channel;


If you think you know of a good channel for Hip Hop / Rap music videos please comment below and if it’s dope I will include it in the next update.

Not included in this list is my YouTube channel which you should obviously subscribe to if your feeling generous and want some interesting content.

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