Hooligan Chase is Skateboard Trap Art Rap

As I get older, my musical taste are changing. I came into hip hop an Eminem Stan, Then it was Immortal Technique, then it was Just Jack and Atmosphere, years later, it was Speaker Knockerz, Boosie Badazz & Young Buck were the greatest and you couldn’t tell me nothing. What I am saying is that its clear that as we get older are music taste’s change, especially with rap, which is a genre one can use to reflect the lifestyle and personality you are currently living.

Nowadays if you ask me who are the rappers that get the most play from me, and I will tell you ILoveMakonnen, with Chance The Rapper, a distant second. As I get older, I get weirder, I have more appreciation for art, and uniqueness. Maybe that’s why for some reason I fux with this artist I just found called Hooligan Chase. I have no idea who the fuck he is.

I was contacted on Reddit by someone who gave me a tip about an interesting YouTube channel and there was about a dozen videos to pick from. For some reason the name “Hooligan Chase” piqued my interest. Now I am on a rabbit hole trying to wade through the catalog this artist has available online.

I call this Skateboard Trap Art Rap or Experimental Trap Art Rap. Idk. It’s not as easily as digestible as ILoveMakonnen by ANY means. This is art rap that is beautiful but also caustic, in a literal and figurative sense.  Hooligan Chase somehow hits halfway between G-Eazy and XXXTENTACION and f*ck it I like it. It bangs! I hope to hear a lot more from whoever this guy is.

*Dude raps on top of a cuckoo beat!!!

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