Pittsburgh Rapper’s to check out Pt.1

1. Smaccz – I don’t know much about this rapper besides that he has gone by the name of 44 Smaccz, and 44 gang smaccz before finally settling on just Smaccz. Never thought I would type Smaccz that many time’s. His music would best be described as “Pittsburgh Drill” which is the more prevailing subgenre of rap on the underground scene in Pittsburgh. The more popular artists for this genre would be Jimmy Wopo, Hardo,and Stunna2Fly, which I will be discussing in a different article. For the meantime, check out some highlights of Smaccz content below then continue scrolling to find out the next artist.

2. Kid Swizzy and his affiliate’s are on that artsy swag rap type ish that is coming together in the Pittsburgh city / college underground scene. I don’t know much about them but I hope to hear and learn more. Oh and if you are wondering where they get there clothes from in the “peace” video? it’s from this little unknown brand called reviving real (http://www.revivingreal.com/).

3. Young EV
Ok so Young EV is actually from a town outside of Pittsburgh, no not the suburbs. Ambridge, Pa is definitely not the suburbs. This kid has a good flow and I think he is only going to get better, if he doesn’t try to sound like other artists. He’s got lyrics, he’s a little street and rough around the edges, and brings his own flair to the typical rap tropes such as drugs, women, money, and booze.

*The artist’s he hangs with such as Quanthedon and Lil Check are pretty damn good as well and I want to hear more from them.

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