More beats by Amethyst Rxckstars + Part 2 of interview

This is part 2 of the interview with Amethyst Rxckstars and I highlight more beats of theirs in this post as well. If you want to read the first part of their interview and check out more beats, check it out here (

6. Who has been your favorite artist(s) to work with?
MiiiKXY: JenovaIO his a great rapper look him up. Other than that Serge Crown and LXXN.

Serge Crown: There hasn’t much that eye have trully enjoyed working with tbh but as of now i’m gonna go for MiiiKXY, RonDon and LXXN

7. How many leases have you sold?
MiiiKXY and Serge: Many

8. What rapper tags (chance the rapper type, Mac Miller, etc) do you find bring the most views to your videos?
MiiiKXY: Isaiah Rashad and Mick Jenkins Type Beats is what the channel was built around, But I push for diversity and personally got sick of that sound. I told serve to switch it up so we can attarct a new set of fans. Honestly our goal was to hit 750 subs in our first year.

Serge Crown: For me it was an Ab Soul Type beat that got me the most views. My ‘Good Morning’ beat prolly has 300,000 views as we speak. Besides that my first beat that did really good was a Mick Jenkins type beat.

9. Do you have any advice for any other producers starting out?
MiiiKXY: Your beats are going to suck the first couple month. That shouldn’t stop you doe. Also be original Its not the hard. Expanding your music knowledge does not hurt too. Be creative and diverse.

Serge Crown: Never stop evolving. Always keep listening to different artists (unless you want to work on one specific sound) and let it guide you. And as for youtube, you’ll never know what would happen overnight, or which beat will get alot of views, it only matters how patient you are and how determined you are to blow.

10. Do you have any advice for rappers who want to rap on your beats?
MiiiKXY: Nothing specific.

Serge Crown:Just make a good track out of it. Don’t worry about the rest. Stay humble and never stop dreaming.

Authors note: I had a great time getting to talk to the Amethyst Rxckstars and I think they have great knowledge to share for producers on the come up.

If you are a rapper or a producer or you just know someone with good content, submit to and MAYBE you might make it on the website. We are growing everyday and I want to keep finding great hip hop / rap music to share.

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