Expectation’s are resentment’s waiting to happen.

Yep, the title of this article is a Macklemore quote. Deal with it.

What is this about? It’s about 2 artists that made some flame tracks but ultimately failed to live up to expectations.

Why are you writing this?
Because even though they ultimately disappointed me, they still made meaningful contributions to pop culture and the hip hop art form that deserve to be recognized. Plus, if you end up finding a song that you love, well then I have done my job and its bring me immense satisfaction.

When? Where? How?
Constantly searching and devouring all the content I can to find new artists I routinely find myself finding artists that like I said before, make great songs, yet ultimately fail to live up to the expectations I had for them.

This can be for many reasons;
1. They are a mediocre or crappy artist who happened to make an awesome track.
2. Flashes of talent that ultimately burn out or go back into hiding.
3. To many yes men.
4. Rap and Hip Hop has confidence inherently built into it. I’ve tried to explain this to friends before and my theory goes something like this. You are a hip hop/rap artist starting out, so you are someone who tells yourself you are awesome, no matter how many times your told differently. Then one day people respond to the work you’ve made and start telling you it’s awesome. Well then, apparently you were right the entire time, so it would be reasonable to think that anything else you come up with is going to be awesome. Either some artists get to lazy or they stop having a filtration process.
5. They change their style / flow.

Below you will find the two artists that have disappointed me the most. I want to make it clear that when I say disappointed, I don’t mean that harshly. I mean that they made AMAZING works of art then nothing else afterwards matched it, I’ve yet to find anything else in their catalog that I can bump with besides the specific songs listed.

1. Lucki Eck$, Best Track(s): Count on me 2, Count on me 3, Count on me 3

You should probably watch the videos in order of one, two, three. The Count On Me series essentially details his history of selling drugs as well as includes a subplot of his client relationship with one particular black female customer. Throughout the series, Lucki Eck$ is provided with crazy, alternative sampled, spacey, trippy, instrumentals that perfectly compliment his slow, leaned out flow.

Personally though I think the best is the 2nd part, then it goes part 3, and part 1. Listen to the series however you want, because trust me, you will end up playing each song repeatedly. Unless you are into the leaned out slow flow on every song, do yourself a favor and don’t look further into his catalog. It is EXTENSIVE and the beats fail to live up to the three in the Count On Me series, so does his flow.

2. Marc Goone, Best Track: Yung Walter White

I don’t understand what went wrong here. The concept of this song is amazing, this kid’s flow is amazing, my gosh the lyrics are flames, flames, flames. Seriously, if you ever sold weed, there’s no way you don’t f*ck with this song. HOWEVER, do yourself a favor and don’t bother going into the rest of his catalog. Homie went left, and though he still has good concepts, his songs are filled with autotune, and he comes off to much as a poor mans logic.

*If you want an undercover banger to show off to your friends, this video/track is it, its 4 years old and less than 200,000 views.

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