What happens when you mix DMX and $UICIDEBOY$?

Apparently you get whatever in the hell this is.

I want to be clear that I am not giving a recommendation for the song above. That is not my ish but I am looking up something else for a different post and I stumbled upon 6ix9ine who I am surprised that me or Guess (my homie)hadn’t heard of.

After watching the above video, I would definitely go to his concert but I would definitely not have him on my playlist.

Whoever the guy is he clearly has a somewhat sizable fan base due to his high view count on his music videos but then again on Instagram, his account is only at 25.5k. If you are interested the instagram account is @6ix9ine_ , I couldn’t find it without the _.

*Sooo there’s a second video and song that is actually dope and I think is going to grow on me. Check it out below.

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