New flame: Jahn Rome

I found Jahn Rome a couple weeks ago after seeing a recent video of his called “Issues” that you can find at the bottom of this article. First though I would like you to check out an older track of his called “From Here” uploaded in November of 2016 and still somehow only has 338 VIEWS!!! This track seems to be Kid Cudiesq and gives you an idea of the vibe Mr. Rome is going for.

The reason I want you to check out the first video is because in a newer release that is only a month old, his flow and delivery has definitely improved. Check out the video below and after listening to the lyrics and seeing “the video vixen” in it, you will know how “woke” this white boy is.

In his track “issues” Jahn Rome comes across as that white guy in high school who always freestyled but used SAT words, yet this one actually stuck with it and its now ten years later. That’s a compliment btw. This shit is honest and “woke” and doesn’t come across as corny.

Originally this article was going to be only about “From Here” and “Issues” but while writing this article I saw that the guy had recently released the video above”So Many Word’s”. In my opinion he actually goes even harder then he did in “Issues”. If you like Chance The Rapper and that whole schtick (which I do), this is something that you will put on repeat on your playlist.

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