New flame

Listen, Rarri is DEFINITELY NOT reinventing the wheel and he definitely has some clunkerz but I must admit he impressed me with his most recent single “What Dey Seem” and an older track “2ou2id3”.

In the most recent one, “What Dey Seem” the beat is something akin to what I would expect from Lucki X and is a nice, catchy, drive around and smoke a blunt on a summer day tune.  Somehow the video is still at under 60,000 views and you should probably start banging it before the rest of the crew does.

On an older track of his,2ou2id3, the Columbus, Ohio rapper comes across as a more understandable Chief Keef. Again he is not reinventing the wheel, however if you play “2ou2ide” it will make you want to take off your shirt and sell dope with your lil brother. Either that or blast it outside on a summer day and make your white neighbors think your selling dope.

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